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Are you looking for Cronos-Optika.Ru coupon code & deals?.Cronos-Optika.Ru Coupon Codes are a specific code that gives you the opportunity to receive a discount or pay for a full purchase. It is enough to find the necessary goods in the store, and when placing an order, enter the promotional code for an additional discount.

Using them, when purchasing different categories of goods, their cost is significantly reduced due to the discount. When choosing such special offers, you must carefully study all the conditions. In particular, this is the assortment of goods for which the discount applies, its size and validity. Coupons Deals & Discounts – Оптика Кронос Купон Coupon codes are the best way to save at Cronos-Optika.Ru. brings latest and working Cronos-Optika.Ru Coupon codes and discount promotions to help you save some money. Just click on SHOW CODE button on below offers to use Cronos-Optika.Ru Coupons at merchant checkout page. Try other Cronos-Optika.Ru promo codes if one is not accepted or you can also use pre-activated Cronos-Optika.Ru offers without a code using CLICK TO SAVE button.

5% OFF

Скидка 5% для всех клиентов!

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Expired on: 09/30/2019
Discount Order

Скидка распространяется только на медицинские оправы и солнцезащитные очки, не участвующие в других акциях. Требуется ввод индивидуального промокода. Промокод формируется у пользователя в почте письмом автоматически, когда он вводит свою дату рождения. Промокод начинает действовать за неделю до дня рождения и 3 недели после.В акции не участвуют товары брендов: Chrome Hearts, Matsuda, S.T. Dupont, Maybach, а также на спортивные очки.

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10% OFF

Введите промокод при покупке солнцезащитных очков и получите приятную выгоду 10% от общей стоимости

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Expired on: 12/31/2019

Минимальная сумма заказа - 1000 руб. Доставка осуществляется бесплатно только по Нижнему Новгороду. Ввод промокода не требуется. Акция распространяется на все категории товаров. Акция доступна для всех клиентов магазина и активируется автоматически в корзине.

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Expired on: 12/31/2019
60% OFF

Большая распродажа очков и оправ, скидки достигают 60%, ввод промокода в данной акции не требуется стоимость уже снижена.

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70% OFF

Заходите на страницу акций и найдете самые интересные предложения и скидки на товары до 70%

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Cronos-Optika.Ru coupons all expired

  • Грандиозная распродажа -70% на оправы и солнцезащитные очки!
  • Распродажа наблюдательной оптики!
  • Распродажа контактных линз My Day за 1 500 рублей!
  • Подарок за покупку цветных линз Adria!
  • Купи 2 упаковки линз Alcon Dailies Total и получи скидку 25%!
  • Скидки до 50% на все солнцезащитные очки!
  • Подарок за покупку линз Acuvue!
  • Сертификат в Летуаль в подарок!
  • Скидка до 40% при покупке на сумму от 2500 руб.!
  • 2 контактные линзы в подарок при покупке линз Avaira Vitality!

About Cronos-Optika.Ru Store

  • Website: www.Cronos-Optika.Ru
  • Phone: +7 800 234 11 99
  • Instagram:
  • Vk:
  • Facebook: is the official online store of the Optics Kronos network of salons. Here you will find contact lenses, medical frames and glasses, sunglasses, related materials and sign up for an eye examination, lens selection.

The store has a club program that helps you remember to buy new lenses and get bonuses for placing orders. Cronos-Optika.Ru shares and the use of promotional codes will further reduce spending. To find free discount coupons for this site, check out

Cronos-Optika.Ru Benefits for buyers:

This company has a lot of advantages that make them better than everyone else. Highlight the top 4 differences from others:

1) Low prices, which is why the services of Cronos-Optika.Ru are suitable for absolutely everyone;

2) A large assortment, there is a lot of choice in the store, so even the most avid gourmet will choose the right service for himself, and consultants will help him with pleasure;

3) The customer base, for 26 years satisfied 2 million customers wear the optics of this company;

4) Promotions and discounts, that’s what really saves you money, they are held almost every day, for this many people love Cronos-Optika.Ru;

5) The quality of services, because we are distinguished by our quality more than all other companies.

About Cronos-Optika.Ru Coupon Code

Popular Cronos-Optika.Ru Coupons & Offers 2019

Cronos-Optika.Ru Coupons & Offers

Cronos-Optika.Ru Discounts

Скидка 5% для всех клиентов! Cronos-Optika.Ru Coupon

5% Off

Скидка в ваш День Рождения!Cronos-Optika.Ru Coupon

Discount on an Orders

Бесплатная доставка по Нижнему Новгороду от 1000 рублей!

Free Shipping

Скидка 10% для всех клиентов!

10% Off

Экстраскидка 10% на брендовые солнцезащитные очки по промокоду LEUSHINA

10%  Off

How to use Cronos-Optika.Ru coupon code

There are two ways to place an order:

1) Online, select the desired product on the website and order;

2) In the salon, there you will also be provided with an examination by an ophthalmologist and will help you choose the product you need.

3) When ordering, you can use special promotional codes, check with the operator.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales

The site periodically holds sales on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, so stay tuned for promotions .

Favorable shopping with Cronos-Optika.Ru Coupon code from our catalog

Going shopping at, go to the Morning service and select one of the current coupons:

  • Cronos-Optika.Ru coupon for a gift to buy. So, having bought a package of 6 lenses, you will get another pair for free;
  • Cronos-Optika.Ru promotional code for a discount on the second product. So, ordering two pairs of glasses, save 25% on a cheaper item in the basket;
  • discount on a promotional code for goods from a certain category. For example, in the framework of the campaign “Discount = age” you will buy frames with a discount of 20-60%.
  • -20% on all points for students with a coupon;
  • Cronos-Optika.Ru coupon code for free courier delivery of purchases in Nizhny Novgorod.

Use discount code      In order for the promotional code to provide a discount on desired purchases, it is important to consider its features. Usually there are only two of them:

  • validity period – a limited period of time during which the coupon is able to provide a discount;
  • activity range – categories or individual positions of the site that are affected by the promotional code.

We recommend that you first choose what you want to buy, and then go looking for a suitable coupon, because by this moment you will already know what code you need.

Once you find the suitable promotional code, copy it and return to the Kronos website. Place the product you have selected in the “Basket” and go there.

Under the list of potential purchases you will find the field “Enter coupon code for discount”. Insert the promotional code there and click the arrow.

If the code is selected correctly, the order amount will decrease, and you will save a lot.

 Advantages of the Cronos Online Store

Customers prefer Kronos Optics stores, appreciating the following benefits:

  • goods of European and domestic brands in the assortment: Dior, Hoya, D&G, MaxMara, Polaroid, Biosoft;
  • making glasses in our own workshops;
  • the opportunity to register on the site for an ophthalmologist consultation in the nearest salon;
  • online help in selecting contact lenses;
  • round-the-clock acceptance of orders and the opportunity to contact support by a toll-free phone;
  • an opportunity to buy goods by installments and convenient payment methods;
  • free fitting glasses at home;
  • By participating in the loyalty program and promotions, applying coupons, customers receive Cronos discounts;
  • purchases are delivered across the country by Russian Post, transport companies IML, CDEC, Boxberry, and for customers in cities where there are Optics Kronos salons pickup and targeted delivery are available.

FAQs About Cronos-Optika.Ru Coupon Code     

What discount can I get at Cronos-Optika.Ru?

Cronos-Optika.Ru Discount in the category “Contact lenses and glasses” at the Academician can reach up to 50%

What delivery methods does Cronos-Optika.Ru offer?

In Optics Cronos, delivery can be: By mail (“Russian Post”, EMS “Russian Post”), Points of delivery of the order (IML, Boxberry, СДЕК), Pickup, Courier

How can I pay for goods in Cronos-Optika.Ru?

In Optics Cronos there are the following payment methods: Cash, Bank card (Visa, MasterCard), Electronic payment (WebMoney, Yandex.Money), Installment plan (Halva)

How can I contact Cronos-Optika.Ru?

You can contact Cronos Optics by calling tel. 8 800 234 11 99 or write a letter to

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