2021 New SG906 Pro 2 GPS Drone with Wifi FPV 4K Camera Three-axis anti-shake Gimbal Brushless Professional Quadcopter Dron


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NYR ZLRC SG906 / SG906 Pro 2 GPS Drone with Wifi FPV 4K Camera Three-axis anti-shake Gimbal Brushless Professional Quadcopter Dron  

First 9 options are SG906  version, middle 12 options are sg906 pro version. last 5 options are sg906 pro 2 version ,please check it before you order ,thanks!

SG906 PRO / SG906 PRO 2:

Basic Information:

Product name: GPS Brushless Quadcopter Drone

Product Code: Beast SG906-PRO / SG906 PRO 2

Product Color: Black

Product size: 28.3×25.3x7cm (before folding)

17.4×8.4x7cm (after folding)

Positioning system: GPS / GLONASS dual-mode positioning

Brushless motor model: 1806

SG906 PRO : 2-axis anti-shake Gimbal / SG906 PRO 2 :3-axis anti-shake Gimbal


Flight information:

Life time: SG906 PRO : 7.4V 2800mah Battery about 25min / SG906 PRO 2 : 7.6V 3400 mahabout 26min

Charging time: about 6hours

Remote control distance: about 1200m

Transmission distance: about 600-800m

Remote control height: about 120m

Gesture recognition shooting: 1-3m


Aerial image parameters:

Wifi frequency: 5G

Camera resolution: 4096 * 3072 (APP)

4096 * 3072 (TF)

Video resolution: 2048 * 1080 (APP)

2048 * 1080 (TF)

Camera memory: up to 32G

Transmission frame rate: 25fps

ESC camera angle: 110 Ì»


1.GPS one key return to take-off point, low power return, no signal return.

2.GPS intelligent follow: after the aircraft links the GPS, turn on the app follow function, and the aircraft follows the mobile phone.

Image following: 1-5m away from the aircraft to identify the subject and carry out automatic following flight.

3.Gesture shooting recognition: within 1-5m from the aircraft, make a photo gesture / camera gesture in front of the camera.

4.Route multi-point planning flight: the aircraft flies independently according to the preset route, and the players focus on shooting.

5.Fixed point orbit: find the orbit center point, and then move the desired orbit radius through the rocker.

6.Aircraft retrieval function: click the GPS signal icon three times in a row, open the map interface, and the map displays the last distance, longitude and latitude position of the aircraft.

7.MV function: filter, video effect, background music, picture / video sharing



1.GPS return to start point and point with low power and no signal.
2.GPS Smart following:  After the plane left the GPS, it will open the APP following function, and the plane will follow the mobile phone. In addition, Image Following: Detect the shooting object and follow the flight automatically.
3.Gesture photography and recognition: Within 1-3m of the plane, make photographic gesture / photographic gesture in front of the camera.
4.Route multi-point planning flight: the plane autonomously fly after the pre-set route, the player focuses on shooting.
5.Fixed-point surround: Find the center of the surround, and then move the desired surround radius through the rocker.
6.Track and remind the drone: Click on the GPS signal icon three times, open the map interface, the map shows the closing distance of the aircraft, length and latitude position.
7.Photo and Video Sharing: Photos can be shared individually or selectively, and videos can only be shared one by one at a time.

Function: Foldable, One key start, One key landing, Hold height, Optical flow constant, Double camera, Wifi connect, APP control, Gesture photo, Gesture recording, Inteigent IPP Next, Following me mode, PalmControl (to bottom left right), away point flight, points of interest, speed control, real-time transmission, MV picture and video sharing, GPS home return.

Item name: SG906 RC Brushless Drone
Pressure sensor: height adjustment
Frequency: 2.4 Ghz
Camera: 4K 120 ° wide angle camera (adjustable camera by transmitter, 60 °)
Capacity of smart lithium battery: 7.4V 2800mAh
Remote battery: 4x15V “AA” battery
Motor: 1806 brushless motor
Drone battery: 7.4V 2800mAh
Flight time: About 23-25 minutes
Charging time: Approx. 5 hours
USB charging: 5V
Control distance: 800 m (free interference and no occlusion)
5G Wifi picture transmission distance: 350m (Free interference and no occlusion)
GPS follow me: About 30 m
Picture follow me: About 5 m
Shoot hands gesture: 1-3 m
Color: black / white
Drone size: 28.3×25.3x7cm/11.12×9.94×2.75in (unfolded) 17.4×8.4x7cm/6.84×3.3×2.75in (folded)
Flight weight: 527g/18.59oz
Starting weight: 527g/18.59oz

Package information:
Package size: 28.5×23.5×11.5cm/11.2×9.24×4.52in
Package weight: 1499.6g/52.9oz
Carry Bag Package

Package Included:
1 x RC Drone

1 x Remote control
1 x Remote control joystick (pair)
1 x Screwdriver
3 x Body Battery
1 x USB charger cable
2 x Replacement propellers (pair)
8 x Replacement screw (grain)
1 x User manual

SG906 PRO 2:

Ideal for flagship aerial photography / Three axis mechanical self-stabilizing gimbal

Set industry flagship standards in one

Understand shooting,understand you better
Consolidate many amazing shooting effects into intelligent functions, let you imagine the sky and the sky, lightly move your fingers, and imagine the truth in your heart.

Three axis mechanical self-stabilizing gimbal No three axes can be called a gimbal

Stable enough to move with your heart
Three-axis mechanical stabilization gimbalBring more effective anti-shake effect to easily filter out the screen vibration brought by external, and at the same time ensure the image quality

PTZ protection cover Better lens protection

Smart flight camera  AI intelligence that can take pictures is really easy to use.

Equipped with Sony IMX179 camera
1 / 3.2 inch, 4K HD lens, easy to capture the scenery of the journey

Sony IMX179 image processor 4K 25 frame HDR video HDR photo light and dark are clearly visible

Beautiful view of the world

Long-distance control, high-definition image return, dual camera switch shooting, see the world from different angles,
discover new perspectives, and record wonderful moments.

About 26 minutes of battery life
Adopt safe high-density lithium battery, bring long-term battery life experience.

Set multiple sensors in one, use multi-core “core” to control powerful performance!
Quickly complete the instruction, can’t receive the GPS signal, and return home intelligently!

Technical Parameters

GPS positioning return

GPS series UAVs have multiple return-to-home functions, and automatically record the starting point position before take-off. When automatic return-to-home is required, the intelligent return-to-home mode is automatically implemented, and when the battery level is lower than about 25%, it will return to home automatically.

Optical flow / GPS mode switching
Accurately realize the hover position of height and position, and realize wind resistance and aerial stability.

GPS Follow Surround 2.0

The visual tracking system is supported by AI technology and surrounds 360 ° to play new tricks

GPS pointing flight

APP map accurately pointing, where to fly

Zoom in zoom in again Full screen is full of texture

50 times sliding zoom, far and near size, under control, aerial photography is more at will

Gesture camera video 3.0

Gesturing gestures to easily take pictures and videos

One key sharing

One key sharing of stunning short movies

Size display

Remote control operation guide

APP operation guide

All-round accessory kit

SG906 PRO:

New generation of professional flagship aerial camera

“Beast” sg906 Pro is a new generation flagship of “Beast” series. It upgrading and updating with integrating advanced technologies in many fields such as flight control, image transmission, camera, etc, which makes the flight more stable and the image performance more outstanding, meanwhile, it is enjoying extraordinary cost performance, it can be called your ideal choice.

Portable, collapsible “beast”


Go out without a bag, you can get professional quality, easy out of the big film

You can see the whole world

Over a distance of 1,200 metres

Strong and durable without brush power

High speed   durable   Long life   Low noise   Run smoothly   Resistant to grade 7 wind

Remote control of innovative folding bracket

The remote control adopts ergonomic folding design
hold the mobile phone while unfolding
it’s comfortable and easy to handle

Drawer battery Display lamp of electric quantity

Check the power at any time , and easy replacement
(short press the switch to display the power, long press the switch to turn on the power)

Innovative fuselage design
More stable and faster
GPS / optical flow
Positioning hover

Optical flow. GPS mode switching

Realize hover mode of height and position in an accurate way
Achieve wind resistance and aerial photo stability

4K HD lens

Film level video resolution, 4K anti shake HD, outstanding optics
performance can record every unforgettable
moment in your life

Protection cover of cloud platform All round package

Two axis shaking proof cloud platform

Equipped with two-axis self stabilizing cloud platform
, effectively eliminating camera shake
No matter how the aircraft tilts and shakes, the camera
keeps parallel to the horizontal line all the time
the pictures took by itare clearer

4K ultra clear record

Make a great film in minutes

5G HD real-time image transmission

Connect the aircraft by WiFi, and start the real-time transmission function, so that you can fully control and watch the aerial photos of the aircraft, with clear image back transmission, and record everything you want to record

50x slide zoom makes you to implement aerial  photography in a free manner

Slide your fingers gently to adjust the lens at anytime and at anywhere
You can adjust distance and size, and enjoy a beautiful scenery and a nice day

Gesture interaction Visible wisdom!

Just one gesture to shoot, whether you’re professional or not
Photographers can take wonderful pictures for you
(the distance for taking pictures with gestures is about 2m)

Intelligent auto follow shooting You’re the main character nomatter where you are going

Vision tracking system is supported by AI technology
and UAV canpinpoint targets precisely

GPS positioning course reversal

Rejecting lost   Rejectingout of contact

Experience route planning flight without remote control

App map pinpoints place exactly
you can fly to any place you want

Take a big picture by flying around

Play new patterns at 360 ° Achieve the effect of large fim level

Mobile app control

Download the officially designated app, andconnect to the aircraft by WiFi
you can control the aircraft through the mobile phone, it has
comprehensive functions and more simple operation

VR 3D experience Experience it in person!

Through mobile app, 3D VR function can be enabled
which can be carried with mobile phone
VR glasses, use real vision to watch the shooting picture, more shocking

MV makingFilter effect

Through mobile app, 3D VR function can be enabled
which can be carried with mobile phone
VR glasses, use real vision to watch the shooting picture, more shocking



Product size

App Guide

Remote control guide


Spare parts list



Additional information

Brand Name




Remote Distance


Video Capture Resolution


Aerial Photography


Controller Mode


Control Channels

4 Channels

Remote Control


Package Includes

USB Cable

Age Range

> 14 years old





Controller Battery





Brushless Motor

Charging Voltage


Model Number

SG906 PRO2

Plugs Type


Charging Time

360 min

Power Source


State of Assembly


Flight Time

About 26 min


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