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***Material: PP plastic + electronic components

***Power supply: Feiqiu built-in 200mAh lithium battery

***Battery life: 10 minutes

***Charging time: 30 minutes

***Magic wand battery: 1*AAA battery (not included)

***Product size: 9.5*9.5*9.5cm

***Feature: Dynamic RGB lights

***Have fun with your family and friends.

***High-tech motion sensor hand-controlled drone: Our ufo mini drone has 5 high-tech magical motion sensors for obstacle detection and manual steering.

***Its responsive design will allow the ufo mini drone to fly in the opposite direction when your hand is close to it.

***Simple and safe flight: Just throw these manually operated drones into the air and watch them fly by themselves.

***The propeller is built into the spherical drone and has 2 variable speeds.

***With enclosed propellers, I don’t have to worry about my child being injured by the propeller.

***This is the most suitable children’s drone for children and beginners!

***Usb rechargeable: The gesture-controlled drone includes a built-in rechargeable lithium battery and a USB charging cable.

***Just connect it to the USB connector for 30-40 minutes to fully charge. (Flight time: 5 to 8 minutes)

***Durable and flexible body: This flying ball drone toy is made of high-quality Abs materials, is light and flexible, and can withstand countless impacts.

***Carry drone flying toys anytime, anywhere: This cool indoor flying ball drone is an anti-gravity hovering drone, very suitable for any room, office or dormitory, and gifts for boys.

If you encounter any problems during use, please contact us and we will provide you with professional after-sales service.

Operation and play

1, start/stop

After pressing the start switch of the product with your finger, the LED lights of the floating flying ball start to flash in different colors. Use your wrist to swing the floating flying ball, and its blades start to rotate, swing it again, and swing the floating flying ball. Will stop working.

2. Straight swing play

Grab the rotating flying ball with your hands, throw it 15° horizontally and vertically upwards, and then shake it back to its original direction.

3. Magic suspension gameplay

Grab the working flyball with your hand, release it horizontally and vertically, place your palm at the bottom 1 cm-5cm, and move the flyball with your palm to float in the air.

4. Flying around the corner

Stand on the side of the block, grab the working flyball with your hands, and throw it horizontally and vertically upwards to the left or right. The flyball will bypass the block and fly to the other side.

5. Straight dive gameplay

Grab the spinning flyball that is working with your hand, and let it go down 15° horizontally and vertically, and it will dive and fly straight.

6. Fly soaring to the sky

When the flying ball is floating in the air, swing the magic wand against the flying ball and press the control button once, it will fly upwards, the LED changes color, press the control button again, it will continue to fly upwards, and the LED changes color again.

Before playing, make sure the product is fully charged, make sure the surrounding environment is safe, and there are no obstacles nearby,
There is enough space for you to move around.

Don’t use the flyball in bad weather,
So as not to damage the product or cause physical injury.

Charging instructions

1. Make sure that the power switch of the product is turned off, and then insert the Micro port of the USB charging cable into the charging port of the product.
2. You can link the product’s USB charging cable to a USB device that has passed safety certification for charging.
3. When charging, the indicator light is always on, when the battery is fully charged. Light off
Off state.

Built-in battery safety information
1. The “Spinning Flying Ball” contains batteries, please do not disassemble or replace the built-in battery without authorization.
Do not let the battery get wet.
2. To ensure that the “Spinning Ball” can play for a long time, please use a certified USB port.
3. In the case of possible leakage or explosion, use sand or batteries to chemically destroy
4. If the toy is very hot, do not charge it, let it cool down before charging.
5. Do not fall or receive strong impacts, and do not expose to direct sunlight.
6. Charge the battery in an isolated area, away from flammable materials.
7. Do not charge or store in an extremely hot or cold environment.
8. The toy cannot be connected to more than the recommended number of power sources.
9. It is recommended to charge the rechargeable battery when accompanied by an adult.
10. Toys can only use recommended transformers, transformers are not toys.
11 Regularly check whether the USB cable, plug, shell and other parts are damaged.
Stop using it when it is damaged until it is repaired.

Additional information



IndoorOutdoor Use


Video Capture Resolution


Aerial Photography


Controller Mode


Control Channels

2 Channels

Recommend Age


Remote Control


Package Includes

USB Cable



Controller Battery


Remote Distance

5-10 meters


Don't Play In Crowded Place



Charging Voltage


Model Number

Flynova Pro

Plugs Type


Charging Time

About 25 minutes



Operator Skill Level


State of Assembly




Flight Time

10 minutes




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